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Varun Technologies has delivered IT support services to both small and large enterprises, shaping the world of IT support as it stands today. If you’ve ever eaten at McDonald’s, banked with any of the large financial institutions, or owned mutual funds, you know some of the clients who have benefited from using our support services.


We’ve focused our support service offerings around the technology core to a company’s business operations.

  • Enterprise IT Helpdesk Support.
  • Enterprise Business Application Support.
  • Enterprise IT Infrastructure Support.


High Quality

We deliver high quality support services with multi-location options, multi-channel contact options, remote, onsite and dispatch workforce options – you choose the right fit for your business at a price that’s right for you.

Proactive & Strategic

Our support services are designed to be proactive and strategic, to prevent IT issues from occurring and prevent downtime for your business, all with the goal of reducing the cost and improving the quality of your IT support.

Reliable & Responsive

Our IT helpdesk service centers are available 24x7x365. You can choose to outsource your helpdesk support needs completely or simply augment your existing support staff. With our global reach, you can choose from onshore, offshore and nearshore models. We specialize in US-centric support models that offer a low cost alternative to offshoring. You decide what’s best for your needs.

Service Level Metrics

We will work with you to design a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) to meet your particular support requirements. Using a center of excellence model, we will meet or exceed your SLAs, measured against monthly performance metrics of our services to you.