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BPO Services

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a structured arrangement between an organization and an outsourcing partner to perform services, otherwise conducted in-house. The provider of the outsourced services takes primary responsibility ensuring the process works, simultaneously dovetailing with the rest of the organization’s functions and delivering the required results.Until five years ago, BPO was a means to achieve cost efficiencies in transaction intensive back office business processes.

Organizations used to outsource non-core activities to partners who had built a core competency in that area. This resulted in both tangible benefits like reduction in cost, and intangible benefits such as focusing on more “strategic” issues.In contrast, BPO is now emerging as a key management tool, the focus of which is expanding beyond the “non-core areas”, giving an organization flexibility to achieve a certain set of tactical and strategic goals. Organizations opt to undertake BPO because it offers them advantages of cost, speed to market, competitive capabilities, stimulus for growth and both the time and space to focus on their own core competencies.

Successful companies have been built on a simple two pronged approach: Focus on core Competencies and consistently drive a flawless delivery engine in every aspect of business. For most companies, these elusive qualities are a highly prized goal. To pursue and achieve these goals in a competitive and cost conscious market, many global organizations have adopted Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for streamlining their operations and increasing profitability. Varun Technologies suite of BPO services is a natural extension of our IT service offerings. Our BPO services are built on a foundation of process and domain expertise, and are enabled by innovative technologies. As in our other practices, the BPO services are managed to meet high quality standards. Clients rely on them to improve the bottom line and focus more effectively on their core business, while maintaining a high quality of service. Varun Technologies provides customized solutions to a diverse group of clients who rely on us for vertical-specific processes. In addition to a broad range of horizontal services including Finance and Accounting, we also provide a comprehensive Help Desk and Technical Support system to our client’s.

Varun Technologies offers clarity and expedience in delivering BPO solutions. We give clients a clear roadmap that is designed to enhance productivity and reduce costs through process assessment, process standardization and process re-engineering.


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